Sounds From The Next Frontier; A Gidi Fest Initiative

A sweaty audience, an unco-operative crowd, a budding career. The Gidi fest organizers stumbled on something interesting when they created a separate stage for fast-rising stars at this year's Gidi fest show.

Contrary to Nigerian music rules that endorses a hierachy system where fast-rising performers are hurried through so the more deserving A- listers can have enough time to do their thing, the Gidi fest ‘New Gen Stage’ changed all that. From the electric tunes of Odunsi, to a quick fast-forward to the laid-back jazzed-up rendition of Maka, every dog definitely had its day.

There was an unhurried quality to the crowd, maybe because they had seen the menu and knew the entirety of the offerings and were prepped to enjoy it. No Wizkid or Tiwa Savage to distract the proceedings. Just a regular crowd getting to appreciate what the next generation had to offer.

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