3 Reasons Why Nigerian Music Award Shows Can Never Be As Big As The Grammys.

Okay, so the 60th Grammy award organizers went overboard when they conscripted IBM Watson to employ a unique digital fan experience that helps create real time emotional audience responses as well as live red carpet fashion analysis of celebrities.

A little too much, right?


After 60 years of hosting Music’s biggest award night, the least the Grammy Academy can do is to evolve the overall audience experience to something a little more intimate.

Now, coming home to our own home-made award shows, there’s a startling difference in the way the organizer(s) think a music award should be crafted; hence this article.

Here are 4 reasons why no Nigerian award can be as awesome as the Grammy is.


1. The Artistes are bigger than the system.

So they never show up for the awards. Come to think of it, why should they? The awards after all don’t have any value whatsoever on how their songs do afterwards in the market. No spike in album sales or endorsement deal initiatives. Nothing.

The music award system just isn’t that powerful; at least not yet. That’s why Wizkid could walk into the 2016 Headies award mid-way into the show and practically stop the proceedings.


2. The organizers have a day job.

Yes, they do and it must be something in the 9–5 variety, because of the apparent decline in the production of the award shows these days. They are generally poorly managed.mSound production is usually skewed, presenters ‘a little green’ and award recipients, a little misplaced.


3. The shows are usually done at the end of the year.

Dumb move.

Everybody and their mothers know that December is peak season for artistes in Nigeria. They are usually busy doing gigs! Promoters are stumbling over themselves to create poorly-titled events that are as meaningless as they are unnecessary; and they need artistes of every variety to make these events ‘pop’, hence the overbooked status of every artiste with a semblance of a career.

So putting your event in that same season is a reflection of how much thinking you have invested in the event itself.That being said, awards in Nigeria are not altogether useless, they have something to offer, despite how elusive that something sometimes is.


*Drops Mic*

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  • Emmanuel Obute Reply

    11 months ago

    I think our reasoning have not evolved to level where can have wonderful events like the grammys.

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